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I'm really glad I took my drivers license during winter. I'm well trained for days like these:


It's happening!!

Friday = Inspiring story of the week 5

No exuses - you are responsible for your own life.

My life in music

I feel like doing a list over the songs that I associate with my life, from as far back as I can remember. It doesn't have to be songs that I have love, or even liked, though it can be songs I've loved, it can be songs that makes me think of a specific place or time, it can be a song that is a year, a feeling... Point here is that this is the list of songs that have had some meaning in my life, in what ever way.

I will try to sort them as chronologically as I can.

Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe

 Ceceila Vennersten - Det vackraste

Celine Dion - My heart will go on

Eiffel 65 - Blue 

Aqua- Barbie girl

Spice girls: Wannabe

Backstreet boys - Everybody

Rosemond hill theme

Linkin park  - In the end

Christina Aguilera - dirrty

Britney Spears - stronger

Tatu - all the things she said

Annie lennox - into the west

Eminem - Loose yourself

For Whom The Bell tolls

Nature boy

Marilyn Manson - coma white

Nightwish - dead boys poem

Cradle of filth - nymphetamine

Anathema - empty

Type O Negative - Red…


On Tuesday we had this years first Semla. Yum!

Thursday - Not-horse-related want of the week 5

Moroccan oil!

I've been thinking of trying it for AGES, now I really need to get to it!
On bottle of 100 ml costs about 400 SEK.

Liljevalch yesterday

Food, wine, art.

Yesterday the bank had rented Liljevalchs and invited us in for an evening with good food and wine, meetings with some artists and of course a very nice art collection!


On Saturday me and Mathias have been invited by the bank to see the new animated movie Frozen. They have rented part of sergel movie theatre and will provide us with goodies and drinks.

On the way

To a special viewing of the traditional vårsalong at Liljevaljs art center.

Wednesday - Horse video of the week 5


Still ill

Slight fever. But I'm at work, since we have an important two day meeting with the new Nordic e-commerce manager.

Late and last christmas gift

Thanks dear work for this most awesome Christmas gift EVER!!

Tuesday - riding gear want of the week 4


This is a really cool filming robot, activated and deactivate by a bracelet, that will track and film you when your riding. The content will then be directly uploaded to a personal cloud service.
The cost? A lot for the equipment, and then 250 euros a month for the service.

@ Rolfs kök

Romantic dinner with Mathias

@ Nordic lights hotel

Drinking wine with Emilia.

Monday = riding excersice of the week 4

Today's excersice aims to getting balance in each and every step, and to train the horse to keep track of all four hooves.
Place 5 poles on the grund. Pole 2 and 4 should be raised to about 40-50 centimeters.

Start by walking over two poles, with two short steps between each pole. Remember to keep the horse between your legs and be very accurate with riding straight and in the middle of the poles. 
When this is working, start trotting instead. Have the excersice been done correctly, it's suddenly magical how balanced the horse is and how high it's lifting it's hooves.


This is my 1500th post on this blog.

It started out on the 17th of April 2012, and I was filled with anticipation for my graduation from university, joy over having found my true love Mathias, pride for being released from Mando and a new sparking lust for horses. 
In December 2011, suddenly one day I woke up with a fierce longing to have a horse again, and once the plans were set in motion, this blog was born.
I write in my first post that the purpose of this blog is for me to be able to remember, and reading just those few words I can truly say that it has fulfilled that. I now have 1500 posts, memories, events from my life collected, that will help me remember.
Here's a toast to many, many more.

Going to IKEA

Today were going to IKEA to buy the final stuff we need for our re-make of our sleeping alcove which has been combined into an office. Pics will come!
I will also take the change of getting some small stuff, like new glasses and some tools for the stable.

Since IKEA is placed next to a Hööks, I will take the chance of stocking up some new pellets.


We cantered today!!!! It was like a dream, I got so euphoric and Vasara too. Wow amazing!!


Today Pia came to the stable to meet Vasara and see if she could possibly the right person to help me two days a week.
I like her from first sight, really calm, nice and good with the horses. And she want to ride softly in the woods and spend time at the stable - exackt what I'm looking for.
But when riding she was really not good so I'm a bit concerned and not sure what to do. I need to think about this, I ant risk my horse getting hurt or ridden unbalanced or with hard hands.

Jolly ball

I've borrowed Renee's jolly ball to see if it's something Vasara likes, since she's been playing with a frozen pile of peat.

Friday = Inspiring story of the week 4


KWS training

Finished yesterday

Payday? Apparently not for me

Fonally the 24th has arrived, this months payday!
But when I checked my balance this morning, no salary has even been registered as incoming.... So no bills can be paid...
We have changed the salary company at work and this is their first month = not a good start...
I will call my HR contact directly when I et to the office.

Canter hello

Today is Friday.... Which means.... We get to start cantering!!!!
Celebrate good times come on!
The plan is to add one minute of canter to each of the 4 minutes of trotting.

Sick and tired

Had to leave work early yesterday too - I'm back to being sick.

Unfortunately I had the evening feeding so no rest for me. Since I couldn't ride (I won't ask for more fever) I spent one hour polishing my saddle and another hour brushing Vasara, though very slowly not to strain myself. Then I was so lucky because my dear stable friends sent me home and took care of the feeding for me. Thank you!!
Yesterday I started to feel I'll so we took it a bit easy riding and only made it to 3 x 4 minutes of trotting.

Trying someone new

I have been a bit doubtful towards my farrier for a few months now, I just feel like he's not doing all that could be done. I compare his work to how my ponies and moms race horses hooves were taken care of, it's just not up to scratch.

So, when Tony was at the stable two days ago I asked him a bit about what he thought and he actually said the same thing, he said "there is nothing wrong with the work, but it's very basic and we could do more here". And he is actually a little bit cheaper too, so I will ask him to shoe her next time, which is in about two weeks.

Thursday = not-horse-related want of the week 4

Would have bought if I had any chance in hell of having time to play.

Wednesday = horse video of the week 4


2 days KWS training

Today and tomorrow I'll be holding a KWS training for our colleagues from Austria and the Netherlands. They seem like a really happy bunch so I think well have fun. As always I'm a bit nervous, I want it to go well.
This is the first time I don't have to travel for a training, instead my students are coming here. It's really good becauseI'm  having trouble traveling now since that involves fining a baby sitter for Vasara.

Sweetest in the world


Training Tuesday

Yesterday there was only one other person in the riding hall, and at the end I had it all to myself.

The training: 15 warm up 4 min trott 4 min walking 4 minute trott 4 minute resting on long reins 4 minute trotting 4 minute walking 4 minute trotting 15 minutes cool down. = 1 hour
On Friday we get to add small sequence of canter! My god we're both eager for it!

Tuesday = riding gear want of the week 3

a GoPro!!!

I have a crappy action cam now that we could throw out the window - it's useless. I want a real gopro!

Monday = riding excersice of the week 3

Today's exercise is a basic jumping exercise which is great for training control and balance after the landing.

20 days, 20 horses

Today it's once again my turn to bring in all the horses, feed them and change blankets. Had to leave work 1 hour early, so not at all bad :)

mom's new home

Yesterday me and Mathias went to visit my mom and have a look at her new apartment. I was really awesome!! It's completely new built and she just got access to it last week.


Today I took my third and final Gardasil shot, and my third TBE-vaccine. So now it's 3 years until the next one. phew! But I was quite brave today I must say.

The lady forgot to charge me, but I am an honest person and reminded her :)


Today I experienced a horrible thing. I was on my way up an escalator when suddenly I heard the most heart breaking scream of pain. The screams cam eon coming, and so I reacted like I always do in these situations - I ran towards the scream to see if I could help. When I came closer I saw a group of people looking at something in the escalator, I ran through them and to the front.
A little dog was stuck with his paws in the escalator, screaming in pain, blood pooring and the owner lying on the ground trying to get the dog free. I ran all I could to them and after seeing that there was no way in hell the dog could get free, I tried to comfort the owner and help her keep the dog steady and find a way to get help. I also screamed at the people standing around us to get a guard and reverse the escalator, and to call an ambulance.
The owner was in such a chock she could harldy speak, all she keps saying was 'please help me, please help me' over and over, and her dog kept screming …

good flow

Wow, riding went so well today too, I really feel like I've gotten my horse back and she feels so healthy and fresh. HAPPY!

As always, she's so sensitive I can hardly believe it and so willing to work. Come on vasara, let's keep up the good momentum!

changed diet

As Lunda didnt analyze their silage (surprise..) I was unable to crate a fully analyzed diet for Vasara. Berga however have of course analysed theirs and hence I was FINALLY able to use the great (and free, can you believe it) diet program from Hästsverige.

I found out that I've been doing a good job so far (yey) but that I need to complement her food with some extra minerals, so I did some calculating and will buy Krafft miner grön.


Today's riding was AWESOME, I'm so happy! Vasara did so well and felt so fresh and really worked good.
We trotted 4 x 4 minutes and it's beginning to feel like I'm getting my horse back. I'm so happy!
And when we got back to the stable a lady said that she had seen us ride and that Vasara looked like an amazing horse. Amen on that one!!


Now me and Vasara are trotting 15 minutes a day!

Bye bye Christmas

Though the snow has just begun to fall, it's time to remove all Christmas decorations. This always aked me feel a bit sad, but at the same time relieved to get the space back.


Had to go home from work yesterday, I've been feeling weird all week and yesterday it culminated.
So a real quick visit to the stable resulted in the bare necessities, food, water and muck out. And a kiss in the pasture of course, which made me feel so bad for her that I had to find a branch as a make-up gift.

Friday = Inspiring story of the week 3

Thursday = not-horse-related want of the week 3

A robot vaccum. Imagine how much easier life would be.

vasara videos

I found a lot of great videos on Vasara, including one from her very first competition! my sweet baby, she is amazing. Seeing these videos really makes me ace to start training hard and go to the competitions.


Vasaras foal is now for sale! Such a nice horse <3<3<3

Vasara jumping

This is one of the videos I saw before deciding to go to Jönköping and ride her.

check out my baby

Wednesday = horse video of the week 3


First ride in new saddle

Yesterday we tried out the new saddle. I'm not sure I like it, Vasara doesn't seem very keen on it and I had to struggle a bit with her. Mind you, I was riding with a new bit, new bridle AND new saddle so that might have had something to do with it. We'll have to try it out for a few days and see what happens.

New gear

Mathias was soooo sweet and went to Hööks for me yesterday, as I was busy in meetings all day and had guests for lunch.
I needed a new girth but also wanted a new bit and some other stuff. This is what I bought:

Tuesday = riding gear want of the week 2

Safety first!

This really simple yet smart gadget might just save a few lives.

So far only available in the UK - this is something I really hope we can get to Sweden. The ID badge is connected to a file with all emergency info needed, such as ICE contacts, insurance numbers, medical info... The emergency team can get all the info they need, directly when arriving to the accident.


Monday = riding excersice of the week 2

This excercise will increace your speed control and knowledge about how long one step is for your horse depending on the speed. 
Place 4 poles on the ground in 3 sets, creating 2 serpentine turns. The distance between the poles in the middle set should be normal, the distance in the first set a bit shorter than normal and the third set should have a longer distance than normal.
Starting in trot - ride through all three sets, adjusting the speed and preparing the horse for the nest set already while you are turning. Try not to loose the rytm or to let the horse 'glide away' from you. Once this sequence is working, try to variate it a bit, you can do the excercie in canter and ride different sequences.

New saddle - Crown Gimli


dressed for winter



All my girths were too short for my new saddle so I couldn't ride today :( Have to run to Hööks tomorrow!

A day @ Mustang

Today it was finally time to go to mustang and get a new saddle!
I was a bit dissapointed about how terrible they were at general customer care, this made me loose all faith for them, but they managed to find two saddles that fitted and I tried them both 4 times each and finally decided on a Crown Gimli which is now hanging at the stable. I really hope this will be good on her. I got it for quite a good price since I trade my old saddle for 8000 of the price.
I will go back in about two months and see if I need to modify the saddle or change for a new one, they have a really great exchange system. But if it turnes out that this saddle isn't good either, I will raise hell.

New saddle yey!


Winter is finally here :)


On the road

On our way to Mustang!

Friday = inspiring story of the week 2

<3<3<3 thank god for people like this.

Riding in the rain

I was really tired yesterday, so I decided to ride first thing so I would have the most energy for that. So I run into the changing room to change, gather all Vasaras things in the tack room, throw it on and head for the riding hall. It's raining quite bad and once I get near the hall I hear the distinct sound of someone jumping inside, and then voiced. Fuck. It's Thursday. They are jumping. I can't ride inside. 
So, what else to do than to ride outside in the pouring rain? And since it was bloody dark and I have made a promise not to ride outside in the bloody dark alone again, I had to ride on the 500 road along the pastures, over and over. Luckily this is a serously good road so I could trot as planned, but we were both really bored with the repetitiveness of it and it was so dark that I got a bit dizzy trotting.
All of my clother are hung to dry.

Late Christmas

Finally! Yesterday I got the package containing my Christmas presents from work.

I was a three-food gift this year. 1 was a donation to a school project in Zimbabwe. 2 was a hi-via vest for dark days and 3 was what u had selected myself; a rain set from our main brand FristadsKansas. It's awesome!