Today I experienced a horrible thing. I was on my way up an escalator when suddenly I heard the most heart breaking scream of pain. The screams cam eon coming, and so I reacted like I always do in these situations - I ran towards the scream to see if I could help. When I came closer I saw a group of people looking at something in the escalator, I ran through them and to the front.

A little dog was stuck with his paws in the escalator, screaming in pain, blood pooring and the owner lying on the ground trying to get the dog free. I ran all I could to them and after seeing that there was no way in hell the dog could get free, I tried to comfort the owner and help her keep the dog steady and find a way to get help. I also screamed at the people standing around us to get a guard and reverse the escalator, and to call an ambulance.

The owner was in such a chock she could harldy speak, all she keps saying was 'please help me, please help me' over and over, and her dog kept screming like it was dying. my heart was pounding and I tried to loosen the paw, but couldnt, and got bitten. Blood was now everywhere, and a guard finally came and tried to reverse the excalator, but it didnt work since the emergence stop button had been pressed. I tried to calm the owner and someone else called the aminal ambulance and another lady a regular taxi so that we would be prepared once we could get the dog free - it would need to go the the emergency room fast. 

Then some guards showed up, they had heard the dog screaming from several houndred meters away. they tried to open the escalator florr to loosen the paw, but it wouldn't move without special tools. 
Finally the firemen came and after 5 minutes, the menaged to loosen the paw. I had then been with the lady and the dog for about 15 minutes and our hands were so bloody. A guard gave me some alcogel to clean up with. It was impossible to see how much damage was done to the paw, it was just a bloody mess like a stump. We wrapped the paw in towels.

The aminal ambulance was 30 minutes away so we decided to go to the taxi - which had left....... so I ran to anoter car nearby and begged on my bare knees for help, he didnt want to take animals in his car, but finallty agreed. The owner gave me a hug and thanked me so much, and I helped her into the car and away they went. 

When I got back to the office the adrenaline strated to wear off and I was left extremely shaken, freezing and almost crying. I keep hearing both the dog screming and the owner in panic begging for help, and I hope to god that the dog will be okay.

The dog made the news, but they make it out a whole lot less dramatic then it was:


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