If I would die tomorrow

Quite often I find myself thinking about how I would feel about my life in the face of death.

I will hopefully be a very old lady with good health when it's my time to go, and by then I hope that I will have found peace and comfort in the inevitable.

But what if that day would come tomorrow? What if I got a disease or had an accident and knew that my time was limited? How would I appraise my life?

I do think that I have lived a full life so far. In that I'm not saying that it has been perfect, because it bloody hell hasn't, but for me that's real part of a full life. I have experienced so many things, good and bad, and life is all about experiences.

I have had the privilege of loving another person with all my soul - and being loved in return the same way.

I have travelled all around the world and seen places, met people and come to insights.

I have always dared to tasks risks and challenge myself, even when I have been so scared that my knees shook. 

I have always followed my heart in the choices I've made for my life. This means I have followed my dreams and dared to stick with then even if the road has been filled with pain.

I have been through things no one should ever have to experience. But I didn't give up on life when all I wanted was to die - I made it work and I've come out stronger than ever.

These things to me mark a full life, filled with pain, will, love, success, struggles... Experiences.

I have lived a full life, and I intend to keep on doing so, because when my life is coming to an end, I will be content.


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