I have booked an appointment at Mustang next saturday, to try out a new saddle. I will exchange my current saddle in the purchase so in that I have 8000 SEK which I can top up with up to 10.000 SEK I've save for a new saddle. Hopefully I will find a good used saddle for a cheap price though, like 12.000 or so, so I can keep some savings.

I decided to go to Mustang instead of Lena Lilja as she was a LOT more expensive and do not have nearly the same amount of saddles to choose from.

Mustang will charge 500 for the fitting and 200 for each re-visit during the time Vasara is changing in her muscles.
They also have a great trading system where I get to exchange the saddle I buy to a cost of 500 SEK each 4 months I've had it. This is great!

I also booked a trailer from LE transportfordon, and because I've done so 5 times, the next one is for free!


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