Quick cost calculation

Time to sum up the horse related costs of 2013.

Vasara = 65000
Stall 11 months x 4300 = 46000 SEK 
Farrier 1x2200 + 4x900 + 1x1200 = 7000 SEK 
Vet and meds: about 15000
Food about 15 sacks x 200 + 1400 for equitop myoplast = 4400
Trailer rental  times x 500
Gas 11 months x average 1500 = 16500
Saddle 7500
Other tack and gear about 15000
Insurance 12000
Lots of small stuff, cost unknown.

= a total of about 190 000 SEK.

The cost outside of the purchase is 125000, divided by 11 months = 11400, that's 1400 above my original budget before I bought Vasara. Quite ok calculated since a lot of the purchases are coming from savings that I've out away every month :)

Besides all of Vasaras costs, I am saving for myself too, about 1500-2000 SEK a month. That's more than many families can afford to save.

Many would say that this is crazy, that I could so so much for this money. And yes, I could. But I also DO! To me, I'm living my dream and it's what I want to do. Plus all the benefits such as great exercise, therapy for the soul, having a true best friend, taking care of another living creature etc etc etc!
I could do what everyone I know do; shop and party for my money. But to me, that's a true waste of life. I could save all this money - but what kind of life is that, having lots of savings and spending every night at home, not living at all? I could travel for the money. Yes I could, but I already have a monthly saving that I put away for traveling, and I do travel a lot more than the average person already. So no need (or time!! I'm working!) for that.

Last but certainly not least - it's my money, I work really hard for every penny of it, and I can spend it exactly like I want to - most people arguing against the cost of owning a horse are JEALOUS because all they can afford is to pay rent and mortgages. Get your own life loosers.


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