Riding in the rain

I was really tired yesterday, so I decided to ride first thing so I would have the most energy for that. So I run into the changing room to change, gather all Vasaras things in the tack room, throw it on and head for the riding hall. It's raining quite bad and once I get near the hall I hear the distinct sound of someone jumping inside, and then voiced. Fuck. It's Thursday. They are jumping. I can't ride inside. 

So, what else to do than to ride outside in the pouring rain? And since it was bloody dark and I have made a promise not to ride outside in the bloody dark alone again, I had to ride on the 500 road along the pastures, over and over. Luckily this is a serously good road so I could trot as planned, but we were both really bored with the repetitiveness of it and it was so dark that I got a bit dizzy trotting.

All of my clother are hung to dry.


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