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I have booked my first training for Irma next Friday night.

My dearest dream is for her to tell me that all is looking good and that we are allowed to start doing some basic jumping excersises.


I just have to brag a bit.... dear god we need to get going now!

Vasaras pedigree is quite nice, especially on one point.... She is decending from Cor de la Bryère.

Friday = Inspiring story of the week 9

15 Year Old Girl, Rescues 25 Horses From Burning Barn

Renovation weekend

On Saturday it's finally time to go to Liza, my hairdresser, and to dye my eyebrows and eyelashes. Thinking about doing a facial too if I have the time.
Then, on Monday, it's time to crack my back into place. Yey.

time for me to get corrected

For the past 1,5 yeras I've been getting light lumbago about once every other month. Something is seriously wrong in my back and now Ive finally had enough and will be going to a man called David Felhendler who is supposed to be some kind of god when it comes to curing backissues, he's already fixed 3 other people from the office. So, on Monday it's my turn. Im so scared, it's gonna hurt like hell.

Thursday - Not-horse-related want of the week 9

Gotta love Marc Jacobs.

I love this wallet a bit extra. I can be found HERE for $148

Part of my job


2 pretty liars

I've finished reading the first two books in the pretty little liars series. OMG I need to talk to someone about them! Marre!! But I dont want to spoil anything, but OMG they are so not like the tv-show. All i'm gonna say is the one of the main characters that we are still following in the tv-show dies in the second book, that is takig place just in the beginning of season 1 of the tv-show. And the relationship between the girls.. its aweful! and Emilies family!.. and... omg. Marre I need to talk to you. and DONT READ THE BOOKS!

Under the weather? Understatement of the year.

I've been and I'm still so incredibly sick.
After feeling incredibly sick on Thursday, I woke up on Friday with the flu. There was no way I could go to work, go to the stable or anything else, I was so feverish and dead that I slept all day. And then the day after that. And then the day after that... 
I didn't even step out of the apartment until yesterday when I had to go the Vasara to ride her, orders from the chiropractor. But I overexcited myself so I'm worse today again and even worse now after having been at the stable today again. I don't known what I would have done without Pia these days, she took care of Vasara for me and allowed me to sleep. I don't know what I would have done otherwise.
Now I'm going to bed again, so sick....

New movement

I got to ride yesterday for the first time since the chiropractor worked her magic last week, since I've been too sick to even leave the house.
And oh. My. God. What a difference. It was like a whole new horse. 
She didn't drop her hind legs in the curves anymore, she didn't have balance issues anymore, she could move so freely it felt almost like something wa wrong because it was so different.

Time to shed some fur...


Wednesday - Horse video of the week 9

It's very comforting to see, that everyone can fall of their horse. Hands down, there is simply no shame in it what so ever.

Tuesday - riding gear want of the week 8

LED-lighning for the tail - no more crappy reflexes, finally it's possible to ride in the dark in car areas safely!

Monday = riding excercise of the week 8

This is simply an amazing exersice with so many benefits: you will train balance, straightning, flexibility, planning.. Basically it's magic.

Ride in the middle of the arena. Place 4 poles on the ground.
Ride in the shape of a four-leaf clover, and for a harder variant, in the flower shape.

This exersice canbe done in all gaits but its recommended to start with walking and then trotting before starting cantering.

The flu

I'm dying since Friday.

A bit of shopping and a bite of sushi and chocolate

I'm on my way horn from my evening with Anna; which was cut short due to the fact that we were both a bit ill, soar throats and generally under the wether.

We did however have time to both eat and shop. I bough new Dermalogica facial products, decided to try a new hair oil and bought my old favorite mascara from Clinique. Then we went for sushi at Neko sushi and finished off with a visit to the praline house.

Get a clue as nancy drew

I'm currently reading book 14 out of 56 from the first set of nancy drew books.Then there is 110 more in the second set.
Wanna bet how many I'll make it trough?

Girls night out

Since today is my night off, me and Anna are having a girls night out! Or at least after work evening out, since were tired ladies that work 9 hours a day ;)
We're going shopping and having sushi dinner and I'm so looking forward to it!

Thursday - Not-horse-related want of the week 8

This mascara from Helena Rubenstein is rumored to be aaamazing - I'm gonna try it!

Shifting season in 48 hours

Tuesday was spring. For real. Flower, birds singing and sun beaming down on all.
Wednesday was November, the ground began to freeze and breathing created smoke from your mouth.
Thursday it's snowing, busses are late and people wearing their thickest jackets and snow boots.


The chiropractor (Karoline Fehn) came out yesterday. I had to talk half the day off as she only works daytime, so I left the office at 12 to meet her in the stable at 2.
It went really good. When she first came she had a quick look and I got to tell her all about the issue and history, then she asked me to show her by hand both in walking and trotting. She said that the problem was in the loins, it was on both sides but worst on the left side. This was exactly what Tonie (my farrier) told me.
So, Karolina wored her magic, with hands, arms and elbows, pressing, squeezing, stretching and hanging, until she suddenly said "there". I got to show Vasara by hand again and this time Karolina was happy as her "unlocking" had done wonders and it looked normal again.
She told me that since Vasara is a very flexible horse, this is something she sees quite often in horses like that and that you normally need to do some treatments like this regularly as the issues often come back.



Wednesday - Horse video of the week 8


I think I have the sweetest friend in the world.

This morning at work a package arrived. It was a box of chocolate and a card from Marre, intended to cheer me up in this hard time, and it really did. I can't say how grateful I am, thank you so much. I feel so blessed to have a friend like you.

Sunday dinner


Tuesday - riding gear want of the week 7

Raise and lower the obstacles with a remote control. Dream scenario hello!

Chiropractor booked

Chiropractor Karolina Fehn will come out to see Vasara on Wednesday 2 pm.
Make it or break it.

Monday = riding excercise of the week 7

Probably one of the simplest excersises to understand, and definitely on eof the hardest do to: riding straight without any help from the walls.

Ride from A and up to C, straight. Believe me, you'll notice if you're the slightest bit uneven in no time.
Start with walking, then trotting, then galopping. Be sure to turn to the right and left every second time to make sure you ride evenly in both turns, which btw is another great benefit from this exersice. Dont forget your gaze and to let the horse balance it self with a steady support from the hand.

Shutting down.

I can't take it any more. Vasara is marking her left hind again.
Last chance now, chiropractor on Monday. If this doesn't solve it, I don't think we will go on.

Coffee for my Valentine

Mathias got some whole beans in a jar, it's my standard gift for him and he loves them. Being a coffee gourmet, of course he only wants the best brand and grinds them himself.

Valentines dinner

Lobster, crab, smoked shrimps, aioli and sourdough baguette. A lovely romantic dinner at home with candles and a bottle of wine. Perfect!

Valentines day

On my way to the stable to meet my new farrier and to bring the horses in from the pasture.
Then I'm going home to have a seafood feast with Mathias!

Friday = Inspiring story of the week 7


Crying and hurting last night has resulted in a splitting headache today, and a feeling of numbness. At the same time I can feel how fragile the numbness is and I'm afraid that it will break at work, I need to focus.

Why I blog

I get the question why I blog, and I ask myself the same question from time to time.
I generally think that blogging 'is sooo 2011' and when I started this blog it was to 95% for myself to have a diary, because I'm terrified of forgetting. 5% was for my friends to see what I'm up to since I'm not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
But as I started and saw that I got a few readers, I started to add posts that were not only for myself, such as themed weeks meant to teach and inform.
Today I blog 65% for my diary and 35% for my readers. And I will continue asking myself why I blog, because when I don't do it for myself anymore, then there might not be justified to spend time on it.


So, yesterday I had 1760 readers. That's kind of a record!!!!!

A night of filled with pain

Since today's Thursday I have the night of and Pia will care for Vasara. 
I will spend the night crying my eyes out over Nalle, so there is no way I could have gone to the stable today anyway without crashing the car on the way.

Gross - muddy time again



I've been filled with anguish for Nalle all week and today I tried to comfort myself with some Greek yogurt ice cream with Oreos and candy.


I rode interval sequence A from this Mondays riding excersice of the week both Tuesday and Wednesday. It was very good and added up to just the right length of a workout for us now.
Next week I think I'll try sequence B since she managed this one so good.

The hardest goodbye

Today at 2 pm my beloved companion for 17 years, Nalle, was put to sleep.

The pain is killing me. Dear god make the hurt stop, I can't stand it.

Thursday - Not-horse-related want of the week 7

Pretty little liars.
LOVE the tv-show, want to read the books!!

Monday's and Thursday's

It went very well with Pia and Vasara this Monday, so she'll start taking care of her on Mondays and Thursdays from now on!

It will be so great to get some help, but for sure I'll go a bit crazy, missing my baby. But I'll be a bit more rested and hence happier in all other aspects of life so it's gonna be worth missing her :)

Wednesday - Horse video of the week 7

Bernard, one of my favourite horses from Hufvudsta riding school, is the star of the latest episode of Hjärnkontoret!

Nice view from the office



Kwintet IT Nominated
at Microsoft Convergence 2014 – one of the major IT awards in the world! Customer Excellence Award Finalist 2014!
Kwintet IT and Stig Aastrup, Group IT Director have been nominated to the Customer Excellence Award 2014 at the Microsoft Convergence Event in Atlanta, GA.
Kwintet IT and Stig Aastrup are nominated in the category "Business Visionary" and have passed the initial evaluation rounds and are now in the final – our guess is that there are 2 nominees left for the category.
Kwintet IT and Stig Aastrup were nominated to the award by several Microsoft partners. The outstanding journey Kwintet has taken with regards to support and business systems is unparalleled.

Stig Aastrup commented: "Regardless of Kwintet winning the award or not - to be in the final for such an award is a important recognition to be shared between all Kwintet & GROUP IT employees….because it is our common work which enabled this!"
The award will be presented to t…

Tuesday - riding gear want of the week 6

This supersmart riding blanket can be found at Hööks for only 349 SEK! I have wanted one of these quite some time now. 

Pia's first day

Yesterday was Pia's first day taking care of Vasara. Haven't heard anything yet which I take to mean it went great :)
Will talk to her today, and if all was good for her, then I guess Thursday will be the second day. What in earth will I do after work then??

Iller carter

Yesterday my highest boss Stig came to visit. We had a great day where he got to meet Erik, and in the evening we went to driver go-cart and ate dinner at Vapiano.

My nickname at the track was supposed to be Killer-Stig, but I couldn't be called that since Stig is spelled the same way as stig.... So I decided to go with killer-carter instead, only I missed the 'k' so it became Iller-carter (eng. ferret-carter). Lol. Turns out I'm pretty good at driving a go-cart, but not neeeear as good as nicklas who, it turnes out, competed when he was younger. Finishing last, for sure I won in having the most fun!
Then we went to Vapiano, drank wine and ate good food. I had the carpaccio as a starter and scampi risotto for main and finished of with a piece if chocolate cake.


Said my final goodbye to Nalle this Saturday. I love him so much, my little baby.

I can't even think about it any more.

Monday = riding excercise of the week 6

Interval training inside the arena

1/2 turn walking
1 turn trotting
2 turn galopping
Same thing in the other direction. repeat sequence 4 times in both directions.

If the horse can do interval A easily - move on to interval B;

1/2 turn walking
2 turns trotting
4 turns galopping.
Same thing in the other direction. repeat sequence 4 times in both directions.


After a long week including two days of education for my Swiss colleagues it's finally weekend.
I have been very ill today with lots of pain in both muscles and joints and I woke up with a badly soar troath.
Now I'm stuck in the regular after-work-traffic so the 30 minutes earlier bus I took today have already lost all meaning time wise.
I will have to ride today even though I'm sick so I'm a bit worried about how terrible I will feel tomorrow, when it's time to say my final goodbye to Nalle.

Friday = Inspiring story of the week 6

Thanks to you and all other centers like you,
lives are saved.

Thursday - Not-horse-related want of the week 6

This amazing watch from my favorite designer Michael Kors makes my heart beat faster.

Can be bought from for 225 USD.

A little help

Pia's first day will be on Monday, like a test day. This is really good as Stig will be coming to the office and we will go out to dinner and go-cart after work.
I really hope this works out; heaven knows I need some time to recharge.

My soul burns

We will put Nalle to sleep next week. This weekend I will say my last goodbyes to the cat I've had for 16 years, since I was 9 and we found him newborn in the stable, and my mom helped the cat mother to carry him to the nest while she showed the way, carrying the siblings.
It doesn't matter that he's lived with mom the last years, it's like it would matter that your kids move out of the house. The love is unchanged and the pain is so real it's like a scorching sword inside my soul.
I have so many memories with Nalle, so much joy and comfort. All of that will of course be with me forever, but the bare thought of never seeing him again, of the finality of this horrible action, makes me panic completely, it's not possible to take in. I remember the indescribable pain of loosing Karolina and know that next week I will experience it again.
Mom told me on Monday, but I have been forced to not think about it for one second, to keep it well together since I've had imp…

Wednesday - Horse video of the week 6

Tuesday - riding gear want of the week 5


Monday = riding excercise of the week 5

Jumping exercise for straightning out before an obstacle and controling the horse after the jump.

Think it's settled

Pia joined me in the stables yesterday, and we took care of Vasara and rode out in the forest. It went very well and I think this will be a good thing. She will join me on Tuesday also to go through the routines of the stable again, as it is a bit confusing in the beginning. 

Pia 2

Today Pia will join me at the stables for a second meeting regarding her becoming my 2-days-a-week-helper.
We need to clarify how Vasara is to be ridden in that case, as she was so rusty. I cant take any chances with her being ridden unbalanced as that could undo all the work I've put in the last 6 months.

Gina Tricot GP collection

The one thing

If I had to select one single beauty product I could never live without, it would definitively be the Rosebud lip balms. I've used them for about 5 years and I LOVE THEM. They are the best, ever.

Just bought 6 from Amazon, so much cheaper than in Sweden, even when customs and stuff was added. Plus, I got these cure containers.


Me and Mathias went to see frozen today, it was quite good, though since it was the bank inviting us we had to see it in Swedish.