The chiropractor (Karoline Fehn) came out yesterday. I had to talk half the day off as she only works daytime, so I left the office at 12 to meet her in the stable at 2.

It went really good. When she first came she had a quick look and I got to tell her all about the issue and history, then she asked me to show her by hand both in walking and trotting. She said that the problem was in the loins, it was on both sides but worst on the left side. This was exactly what Tonie (my farrier) told me.

So, Karolina wored her magic, with hands, arms and elbows, pressing, squeezing, stretching and hanging, until she suddenly said "there". I got to show Vasara by hand again and this time Karolina was happy as her "unlocking" had done wonders and it looked normal again.

She told me that since Vasara is a very flexible horse, this is something she sees quite often in horses like that and that you normally need to do some treatments like this regularly as the issues often come back.

She also said that now that all the joints are opened up, if there is an underlying problem - it will come to show now. But she saidbshe don't think thy would e the case for Vasara.

She also said that the bad saddle I had the first 2-3 months could definitely be the cause of all this, but that she wasn't at all worried that this wouldn't be fixable, it might even be fixed after this first treatment. I am to text her next week to give a report and then she'll come back in 3 weeks.

She gave me the number of a trainer that is used to working with horses with back issues and knew many riding excersices to help prevent it. She told me to call her straigh away and try to get a training already tomorrow as there will be a lot of new muscles that she's not used to working with and will remember having pain from, that I will need help to get them activated. 

She was to be walked 45 minutes by hand yesterday and today but then tomorrow it's back to work. So we walked out regular 6 kilometers yesterday , and Pia will walk her today as Thursday = Pia's day.

I was so relieved that I shed a tear when we were walking. I've felt like my whole world have been crumbling down and the thought of loosing Vasara just a day after putting Nalle to sleep have been killing me.


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