Iller carter

Yesterday my highest boss Stig came to visit. We had a great day where he got to meet Erik, and in the evening we went to driver go-cart and ate dinner at Vapiano.

My nickname at the track was supposed to be Killer-Stig, but I couldn't be called that since Stig is spelled the same way as stig.... So I decided to go with killer-carter instead, only I missed the 'k' so it became Iller-carter (eng. ferret-carter). Lol.
Turns out I'm pretty good at driving a go-cart, but not neeeear as good as nicklas who, it turnes out, competed when he was younger. Finishing last, for sure I won in having the most fun!

Then we went to Vapiano, drank wine and ate good food. I had the carpaccio as a starter and scampi risotto for main and finished of with a piece if chocolate cake.


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