A new person

I feel so amazingly good now compared to how I've felt the past few months. Why? Because I went to my hairdresser yesterday and fixed my hair and colored my eyebrows and eyelashes.

Now I feel normal again. I recognize myself in the mirror instead of that zombie corpse I've looked like for the past months.
Ever since i missed my last appointment with Liza (whom have fixed my hair for 6 years!) and I had to go to that clown who made me my hair chicken yellow and made my cry at the salon (for real) I've been feeling horrible and that of course made me look even worse. That plus all the hard things I've been through have taken a toll.... 

But now I look alive and hot again! Thank god, poor Mathias had to live with a girl who looked like a miserable geek. I feel so good again and not ashamed to go outside anymore.

Grrr baby, very grrr!


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