Just finished reading the fourth pretty little liars book; unbeliavable.

The tv-show really isn't like the books, if they were, there would only be enough material for 5 episodes and no one would watch it because they would hate the characters. But in a book, it works.

For my own sake I will try to sum up the first four books below, they end with the first season, only the road there, and sometimes the goal, is completely different.

In these four books...
Arias father is having an affair with Meredith, his student. Aria and Ali finds out, and Ali tortures Aria about it. They move to Iceland for 4 years and when they move back, Arias mom finds out and throws aria out of the house. Aria moves in with Sean, Hanna's ex, but is thrown out from there also after A tells Sean about aria hooking up with her English teacher. Ezra goes to jail, but is released and leaves rosewood. Aria moves in with her dad and Meredith, who is not at all evil, until her mom forgives her after finding out about all the horrible things that's been happening to aria. End.

Spencer stole Melissa's essay and was nominated for a golden orchid for it. She is being tortured about this stolen essay by A, alongside the fact that she kisses Melissa's boyfriend Ian ages ago. The fighting between Melissa and spencer is seriously fierce and cumulates when Melissa finds out about the essay. Spencer throws Melissa down the stairs and in doing so realizes that she pushed Ali into a stone wall the night she disappeared. She struggles with the fear of being the killer, and when A points to her as being guilty so does the other girls until she remembers she didn't do it, and that Ian must be the killer as Ali met him afterwards. Spencer wins the olden orchid but finally admits to have cheated.

Emily is struggling with having feeling for girls, but tries to resist, party by dating Toby. But after a bad date when Toby says he's happy Ali is dead, Emily thinks he's the killer and treatens to go to the police, which leads to Toby killing himself. She is then falling in love with maya, a black girl that her racist family doesn't like, and when her parent finds out they are dating after A have posted flyers of the two kissing all over the world, she is sent to Iowa to live with her horrible relatives. She is suffering, falling in love with another girl, then runs away. Her family is so worried about her when she's on the run that they invite her back home and accepts her for being gay.

Hanna is struggling with her horrible self esteem and eating disorders and is a true bitch and hangs with Mona. Her dad has complete abandoned her and basically admits to loving his new stepdaughter more than Hannah, and Hanna's mom is never around and couldn't care less. She looses her boyfriend but quickly falls in love with Lucas. When Hanna is tortured by A for having bulimia her world starts to fall and the other bitches in school takes every chance of throwing the queen out the door, Mona in the lead as she feels betrayed that Hanna's is speaking to her old friends again. When A accidentally sends a text from her own phone to Hanna, she is run over by a car for knowing to much. She survives and can exploit Mona as being A, and is then very sad when Mona dies trying to kill spencer.

Ali was together with Ian and now he's on trial for killing her. She also worked with Jenna to frame Toby for sending fireworks from the roof in order to send him to military school and stop male sting Jenna, but when things went wrong and Jenna was blinded, she didn't tell the other girls the truth but pretended it was their fault Jenna was blind and that Jenna didn't know anything about that night.

The four girls are definitely not friends, and are really horrible persons you just want to spit at.


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