Just finished reading the fifth pretty little liars book, wicked.

Spoiler warning below for people only watching the tv-show!

Aria is not doing much except for flirting with a guy at an art gallery, only to find out that he's his mothers internet date. The guy is hitting on aria as well as dating her mom regularly and eventually blames aria for sending mixed signals and threatening to tell Ella.

Spencer is struggling with her fall from graze, with the whole world upset about her stolen essay. To make matters worse, she is not mentioned in her grandmothers will, because she might be adopted.

Emily falls in love with a sweet guy and comes to terms with being bi. The guy is a musician and accepts her for who she is.

Hanna is dealing with monad betrayal and death, and decides to take the thrown of the school before Kate does it, who now lives in Hanna's house. They eventually team up and create a new clique of it-girls with Riley and Naomi. Hanna is bitching than ever and gets obsessed with the thought of Kate being fake and trying to bring her down - so she takes Kate down first. And in doing so, loosing her boyfriend Lucas who is the sweetest guy in Rosewood.

Ian's trial is nearing, and the town is longing for the story to be over. Fake copycat A's are joking around town and when the girls start getting new A notes they believes that they are coming from a fake A, before realizing that's unfortunately not the case - there is a new a on the loose and it must be Ian right? Wrong - Ian skipped his trial but was found dead in the woods. New Unknown A on the loose.


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