2015, I salute you!

And thus yet another year has passed. 
And what a year it has been, filled so many turbulating changes and personal struggles.
Overall it has been a year where all I knew in life crumbled down. Where I had to rise up, once again, and create a new life for myself. Where I had to keep being strong, just when I though I had finally come to a place in life where I could be safe.

When the year began in January, the year I left behind me had been a rough one. Me and Vasara had been fighting relentlessly to heal her injury for half a year and after 174 bloody days I was allowed to ride her for the first time.  And then,  once again we got bad news on the follow-up visit at Ultuna. We decided to book a magnetic x-ray as one final and desperat attempt to find a way to continue.

In the middle of all this, me and Mathias were looking for a new apartment as we wanted somehwere bigger to live.

While me and Vasara kept on taking daily walks in the cold, dark evenings in the wait for the magnetic x-ray, me and Mathias signed the contract for our new apartment in Hammarby Sjöstad, and
I initiated the process of selling my Solna apartment. The days passed on, I was just waiting for the two big things, the move and the x-ray.

March came, and with it, the greatest sadness. The magnetic x-ray showed that Vasara would never again be able to be a ridden horse. I had to  take the decision to let her gallop onto the ever green fields and leave me behind. The pain of this is not possible to put in words, nor is is possible to explain how much I miss her. My soul was ripped apart.

10 days later, my apartment in Solna got sold, and so another chapter of my life was closed in the same month.

Basically all my time outside work during April was spent moving out of Solna and into the new apartment in Hammarby Sjöstad.
The little spare time I had, I spent far out on Munsö, riding Elsa, a horse that my chiropractor had recommended that I started jumping as the owner focused on dressage.

May came.
Mathias turned 28 and we celebrated our 4,5 years anniversary. I handed over the keys to Solna and saw the place where I had lived since 2009 for the last time.

I also reached my new years resolution of being able to run 5 kilometers as I took part in Vårruset.

No blog posts were posted during June and July. This was when one more part of my life broke as me and Mathias separated. Hence, I was left with nowhere to live as Solna was just sold, with no life as Vasara had died and no person to lean on.
I quickly bought my new apartment in Johanneshov. One week after the separation, I moved into Gärdet in one of mom's friends apartments. All my stuff was stored and I was just waiting and waiting and waiting for August to come so I could move into my new home. Meanwhile, I purchased and ordered all furniture so I could quickly get everything ready and start feeling like something was stale in my life again.

August was a crazy month. First of, me and Sven conquered Kebnekaise, an amazing experience I will never forget. And a few days later, I ran the relay-race Bellmanstafetten. This happened to be the same day as I finally got the keys to my new wonderful home.
Only a few days later, during which I has managed to get ALL my furniture up and the apartment completely finished, I travelled to Salzburg for work. And a week after that, me and Anna went to Jämsä to see Linkin Park on their Hunting Party tour.

I turned 28. Didn't celebrate at all. Probably the worst birthday in my life.
Luckily, me, Anna, Sven and Christoffer travelled the Transsiberian railway 11-29 September, a trip I had wanted to do for many years. This trip took us through Russia, Mongolia and China.

In October I worked, and slept, and worked and slept. Everything caught up with me and I got exhausted. Don't remember much from this month actually.

Finally, my luck turned in November as I met Viktor. This gave me hope that I could end the year in a good way.

In December I spent time with Viktor and prepared for Christmas, Baking, wrapping gifts and trying to get into the Christmas spirit.
Christmas was spent in Munich with mom and Monica and new years I got to spend with Viktor in Växjö, meeting the parents and the old friends.


Good points this year:
Finding a real home
Handling all bad things really well
Transsiberian railway

Bad points this year:
Loosing Vasara
Separation from Mathias
Rough situation at work

= a year I am very happy to leave behind.


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