2015 - Listed

Song of 2015:Ugly Boy - Die Antwoord

Best tv-show 2015:Walking Dead

WIN 2015:Handling all the horrible things that happened so valiantly.

FAIL 2015:I must say, I am so proud of myself this year that I cannot define a fail. And that's a nice feeling.

Worst thing that happened 2015:My beloved Vasara having to leave me for the forever green fields.

Best thing that happened 2015:I found a real home in my new apartment, feeling safe, calm and at ease.

Wish I did more 2015:Spent time in the stable.

Countries I visited 2015:Finland, Austria, Russia, Mongolia, China, England, Denmark, Germany.

Best trip 2015:Transsiberian railway with Anna, Christoffer and Sven.

Carreer 2015:Nothing to report.

Eureka-moment of 2015:I have learned so much and I am so strong, I can do anything.


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