New year, new inspiration

There is something special about New Years. 

I think it is the pure face that it is an inevitable reminder that time is ticking, and so is your life. And with this, comes a natural possibility to change things.

And, me being me, I am actually able to to use this opportunity for change and do something with it. I have never been one for making resolutions which I didn't keep. Nor do I intend to change this fact for the coming year.

For 2016, I intend to go with the flow and wing it, much like I have these past six months during which my life changed into something unrecognizable. This means, I will keep following my dreams of what I wish to to, in the moment I wish to do it. If I want to buy a new horse this summer, I will. If I want to move back to New Zealand, I will.

And I will wing it.
Because, truth be told; it's a mindset. Those who dare, win, 


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