It's hard to believe more than one month has already passed of the new year. That's 1/12 gone already.

I can hardly remember what I've been up to. I have of course spent a lot of time with Viktor. I have done some  work trips. I have been programming a lot. I have worked A LOT.

I have also spent a lot of time preparing great things for the year. To start with, a weekend trip to Rome with Viktor, which is planned to march.
Me and Anna will attend a painting course, starting already on the 18th of February. I will spend Easter with Marre in Gothenburg, where its finally time for the final of the world cup in show jumping! I have a java course staring  end March to end April. In June, me and Vanja will go on an epic road trip in Italy! In July, I am going with mom to England again. And maybe, I will buy a new horse at the beginning of Autumn.

I have been feeling quite puzzled and also stressed that the year so far haven't been better. I had such high hopes for this new year. But then, writing this and hence doing some soul searching, I realize that it's hardly fair to expect a drastic change just because some numbers on what year it is changed.

I am still trying to get back some energy. I have to be patient.

Thank god I have Viktor.
I have rarely felt so abandoned by everyone as I did last year. It felt like most of my friends left me alone in hell and didn't look back. And it took all I had to keep myself standing up. I honestly don't know what I would have done without Anna and Sven. And wonderful Viktor, who is one of the kindest people I've known

So yes, January has been a month of setting new goals, getting pepped for all the wonderful things that 2016 will be.


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