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Team Forsmark

Me and Cassie have formed team Forsmark together with Ellinor when she is competing her wonderful horse Heidi. Last competition they managed to grab a 3d place!

my new mug

I had to make one. It's now my favorite tea mug, and it warms my heart every time. 

Täby galopp - tribute day

Went to the place where I've spent so much of my childhood, Täby galopp, for the last day of races ever. They are tearing it down to build flats, and moving the race track to Bro.

Of course I had to be there and say goodbye.

Lucky me, me dear Cassie has also spent maaaany hours there, and so we spent the whole day there, drinking wine, laughing, betting and most of all - being nostalgic.

Me and Cassie even worked for one of the trainers!
The stable where we had our race horses
Where we parked our horse truck
Lots of wine
Bye bye plastic, thanks for all the good times
Cassie <3


I can hardly believe it. I passed the exam. And with a good grade. I have seldom felt so worthy of success like now. 6 months of full-time studies parallel to full-time work. Also, the first of 2 programs have been approved, so just the second one to go, then I'm DONE.