Europe road trip day 1 - June 2nd

FINALLY I am on my way south, heading towards Borås and Vanja. Tomorrow, we're getting into the car and drive down to Trelleborg, where a ferry will take us to Rostock on Saturday morning. So exciting!!

This trip is one of the most spontaneous I've done. Sometime this winter, Vanja came up for a lovely weekend visit and we started talking about how I've been everywhere in the world but least of all in Europe. One thing led to another and after a few minutes we found ourselves planning a 3 week long road trip through Italy. And now, somehow, the time has finally come for the journey to start!
we have planned nothing but that we will go where we feel like, do what we feel like, eat what we feel like and just have an amazing time free from all the 'musts' of everyday life.

I have packed my cross stitching, 5 books, 3 crossword magazines, my iPad for GPS purposes and my mini travel-computer for storing pictures and charging my GoPro camera. Also, I hope that I will find peace to continue writing on my book.
It will be wonderful not being able to be online and available all the time.


I took the train from Stockholm to Gothenburg, where I jumped on my trusty old bus 100 (which I always catch when going to Borås for work) to Borås central.

Once I had arrived in Borås, Vanja picked me up and we went straight to a store to pick up a basket for my bike. I mean, we need someplace to store all the food and wine while going on biking trips....
Then we went to the supermarket to stock up on some food to get us started on the trip and some snacks for the car.

When we came to Vanjas place, we started doing the final choirs. We washed the car, cut the grass and packed all our stuff into the caravan. It was quite amazing how much space we have, it feels like an Harry Potter caravan; magically enlarged on the inside compared to what you see on the outside.

Squeal moment of the day was when Vanja handed over a gift from work, a stuffed animal! It's a puppy that I've named Walter, and he will, in accordance to his accompanying letter, keep us safe during our travels.

We kept on working until almost 10 PM, which is a time when we would  normally both be asleep, but we got so much stuff ready that is was well worth it.


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