Europe road trip day 14 - June 15th

Directly after breakfast we left Torre pendente and kicked of a day of transport.

Using Google maps we had mapped the route from Pisa to lake Garda, and to make the trip a bit more scenic we decided to go on a smaller mountain road a bit of the way and then get on the freeway the last bit.

When we arrived in Garda it was only early afternoon so we would have many hours to relax still. 
Driving towards the camping took us through town, and wow this is the most touristic place we've been so far on this trip. They even have their own water land, movie land and amusement park (which I plan to visit one day) and everything as far as the eye can see is adjusted for tourists. But then, this ia one of the biggest touristic attractions in all of Italy, so what to expect.

The camping we went to, La Quercia, was recommended by a Dutch couple on Acqua Dolce, and it's H-U-G-E! 5 pools, a spa, tennis courses, gold courses, theatre, restaurant, supermarket, kid clubs... I don't even dare to guess how many pitches they have.

We got a great spot right next to the beach so we can again take our food to the beach.

This is actually kind of great, because this means that during my first camping trip ever I have managed to see the full scale of campings, from the tiny, quiet and cozy Olympiasee to this crazy spectacle, and some in between. I got say, I have enjoyed then all in different ways.

We spent the whole afternoon and evening of the beach, reading, resting, doing crosswords and just enjoying the heat.


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