Europe road trip day 15 - June 16th

What a true vacation day! Waking up at 6 as always, we took a morning walk into la sizie, finding the ferry and taking a look around the town, which was very nice.

Then began a calm, wonderful day in the shade if a tree at the beach. I slept for a few hours, did some reading, some crosswords, listening to the water.... true relaxation.

Tomorrow I plan to visit Gardaland if the weather is OK, I am so excited it feels like Christmas is coming up! Vanja will take a boat tour in that case, and I'm sure we'll both have a super day. I have already bought my entrance ticket and bus ticket at the camping, they had a €7 discount in here. So, my stomach is already filled with butterflies and excitement!

In the evening we took a walk to La seize again, where we ate dinner outside at one of the thousands of cozy restaurants (I ate spaghetti with tomato and basil) and bought some gelato to eat on our way home.


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