Europe road trip day 16 - June 17th

My, my... what a day!

I am completely spent after a full day at Gardaland. And what a place, it was magical!
I left the camping at 08:45 after breakfast, and headed to the bus stop. Gardaland is only 5 kilometers away and I could hence have walked, but I figured that I'd better save my energy for the many hi ours to come.

The bus don't run too often so I arrived at Gardaland 09:10 which is 50 minutes before they open. Lucky for me, they opened the gates to the ticket office at 9:30 and since I already had my ticket I could head straight for the gates to the park, first in line!

First in line was awesome, except for the fact that when 10 o'clock came there was some show number on top of the roof under which is was standing, so I missed it and instead got to see the several thousand people not under the roof dance and sing together with the show.

When the gates to the park opened, there was a stampede to get in. Most knew exactly where to go as they were locals and hence ran full speed the best way towards the best attractions. Me, was totally lost but mostly lost in amazement over the park. It was spectacular! I took my time, a walking slowly and looking at everything u passed. Going in the general direction of the running teens I quite quickly found what I was looking for, the adrenalin filled grown up rides! I decided there was no time to waste and took the biggest I could find straight away.

I must have been very fortunate with picking today of all days to come here, though many people waited in line to get into the park, there were NO lines anywhere. The longest I waited the while day was 6 minutes, the rest of the time I could basically step right on any ride I wanted. Super!! I guess this weekend won't be the same though, poor souls getting stuck there.

So, what could a Linnéa do except to run around for 6 hours straight, only stopping for pizza and fruit? I went on all the rides I wanted to, some twice, and I felt like a kid on Christmas. If €60 can buy 6 hours of happiness like this, it's worth every cent!!!

As 4 o'clock came I was so tied I could hardly walk anymore. I dragged myself to a stand selling French fries and ate them as I walked back towards to bus station and headed back to the camping.
Stepping into the shower was bliss after this day, and afterwards I sat down in my chair in the shade and had some sallad. 

Then when it was time, I started walking to La seize where I was to meet Vanja when she got back with the ferry from her all-day trip to Lemone and back.

When I arrived in la seize Vanja texted me that she was late, so I sat down with some gelato in the shade, relaxing and enjoying the memories of this perfect day.

Then we walked together back to the camping in the setting sun. 


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