Europe road trip day 18 - june 19th

All things must come to an end, as did our time in Italy. Early morning, we packed up and left la Quercia and drive along the lake Garda on our way north. As we wanted some scenic routes before getting on the highway, we drove a small and winding path from the north point of Garda out to the A22.

We decides to take the Brenner pass through the alps this time, and it provided a nice view, though nothing compared to our way down.

We payed our last toll and entered Austria, where we stopped at a Autogrill to have lunch. This is one of my worst food experience I've had so far in my life - I simply could not eat it and had to leave most of my expensive plate of food untouched. I bought two kinder eggs and some biscuit to heal the wounds, and we were back in the road.

Entering Germany, we took aim toward Bannwaldsee again, hoping to be able to see Neuschwainstein when we arrived. Unfortunately we missed an exit from the highway though and decided not to turn around but instead let fate guide us another route. So we set sail toward a camping west of Munich called Freizeitgelände, which is by the lake Ammersee. This caused quite a few extra hours of driving as the (small) road passed once again through the mountains and many small villages. But it was absolutely worth it because it was beautiful.

Arriving late in the afternoon due to our scenic routes, in pouring rain, we took a walk in our rain gear and then I laid down in bed, reading for the rest of the evening.

Soundtrack of the day: walk the dinosaur


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