Europe road trip day 2 - June 3d

I was very lucky this morning as I didn't have to get up early when poor Vanja left for work, but could sleep for a while longer.

When I woke up I solved some crosswords, then made my bed and got dressed for the day. Then I started gathering all the flowers in Vanja house onto one table for her mom, which was funny as I had to go on a thorough flower hunt. Then I headed out to the stables and mucked out the pasture and refilled the water basin. After that I cleaned the windows of the caravan until I got chased outside by a wasp, who, I am sure, wanted to eat me or at least sting me in the face.

After this it was lunchtime and Vanja came home. We ate some yummy food and then we got about finishing the last few details before heading off. We unplugged all electronics, locked all the doors, checked our gear one last time... and then, at 15:00, we actually got into the car and our adventure began.

We drove out through Borås to Varberg and from there took the E6 all the way to Trelleborg. We did a few stops on the way, to get some gas and to buy dinner.

We arrived in Trelleborg at around 20:30, and placed the caravan down at the harbor so that we would be close to the ferry for tomorrow.
Even though we've just seen the little harbor part of Trelleborg, there is no denying that it's pretty cool to be at the very end of the country by the open water, imagining what lies beyond.

So tomorrow we will leave Sweden behind and enter Germany, and potentially some other country, who knows where me might end up at the end of the day.

This is what a vacation should be.


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