Europe road trip day 21 - June 22nd

It is beginning to dawn on me, like a very dark cloud on the horizon, that this trip is coming to an end.

I can't decide whether it feels like I've been gone for a few days or for a few months, it a mix of both.
It feels sad, at the same time as it's nice to come home, but also terrible that it's over... mix and match the feelings.

We drove the last three hours up to Rostock this morning, arriving at lunch to a camping just outside the city, so we'll be close to the boat tomorrow.

The alarm is set to 05:45 and we'll drive from the camping at 06:15.

Except for a 1,5 hour walk I took in a beautiful nature reserve next to the camping, I haven't moved a muscle. I've been strangely restless, the very particular feeling I get when I'm exhausted.

Tomorrow at this time we'll be in Halmstad, ready to get up the next day to celebrate midsummer.


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