Europe road trip day 22 - June 23d

The alarm didn't even have time to wake us up; suffering a bad nights sleep the both of us were wide awake around five.

We did the last preparations and then it was time to head towards the ferry. We arrived in plenty of time and were almost first in line. We don't like to stress.

On the ferry we were both really tired due to the lack of sleep, and sat in sun chairs on deck for a while, and then went inside when it got cold and laid down on the floor to rest.

When the ferry arrived in Sweden it didn't feel like home, it rather felt like some new country we were going to explore. Probably because the south of Sweden is a bit different to home for me. I also felt a bit restless, like I didn't want to sit in the car anymore but just arrive.

We stopped at a trusty ICA and bought some food and then drove the last hours to Görans awesome summer house, ready to celebrate midsummer!


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