Europe road trip day 23 - June 24th

Second last night in the caravan, and when I woke up it was midsummer!!

After a big and hearty breakfast, in an already decorated patio, we all set out do some more preparations for the day. Me and Agnes did the classical midsummer crowns from leaves and flowers, Vanja, göran and wilmer "lövade" the house and garden. It started to really look like midsummer!

We had an amazing classical midsummer lunch and some snaps, and I ate and ate and ate. Delicious!

After lunch we decided to take a trip on the lake in the boat, and go to a store where they sell very fresh fish. We bought some salmon to put on the barbeque, yum, and just really ejnoyed being on the water!

The dinner was as delicious as the lunch, and we ended the night with a photo show from our trip. 


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