Europe road trip day 24 - June 25th

Time to go home to Borås again, still not knowing for sure in which country I'm in.

When I woke up I started to clean and prep the caravan, as I had slept my final night i it. Then it was breakfast time, and I ate a hearty meal. Hoping to be able to catch our own lunch, we headed out on a fishing trip. Unfortunately, and very fortunatelyt at the same time, we didnt catch anything. I would have been really fun to get a fish, but I could never have killed it afterwards.

So instead of our own caught lunch, we ate a second midsummer lunch, which I loved as much as the one yesterday.

Then it was time for the final drive home, the last part of our jorney with the caravan. On the way we picked up Lykke (a VERY dear rejunion) and then, not sure if we'd really been away, we were back.

While Vanja took Lykke on a nice long walk I started to clean and empty our trusty old caravan. It went really well and I actually finished it, meaning that tomorrow would involve a lot less cleaning.

We ended the evening with Ice Age 1 and then crashed, my first night in a bed for a very long time.


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