Europe roadtrip day 10 - 11th June

The day started with a bicycle tour through the tunnels again, until the next end, where we sat down and ate breakfast and enjoyed a glories coastal view. Then we bicycled back and on the way stopped to hike on a small track we'd seen that went along the water.

When we got back to the camping it was siesta time. Vanja headed to the beach to enjoy the sun, and I took a shower and then sat down in the shade beneath the tree in our pitch. After some reading and crosswords, I, as always, fell asleep for a while.

When Vanja came back we had some lunch (our trusty tuna salad) and then we took some more siesta time waiting for the stores to open again.

We jumped on our bikes and rolled the 200 meters into town, where we went on a shopping spree in all the small and cosy shops selling delicious pasta, pesto, oils etc. I bought some more presents and some more stuff for me. Lucky we have the car and caravan, otherwise I couldn't have brought home even 25% of what I've bought already.

Evening came and it was barbeque time and then to bed early. Because tomorrow we will as usual get up at the crack of dawn, this time to hike all the way to Monterosso, the first of the five little villages. After that, who knows?


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