Europe roadtrip day 12 - 13th June

At 7 o'clock, it was time again. We got on the train to Corniglia where we had decided to take our second hike, this time to Vernazza.

As the train stopped in Corniglia, we realized that the train station was down at the coast, where as the village was up in the mountains. So the day started like yesterday, going up, up and up. Once we reached the city, it was just as beautiful as we had imagined it. We took a stroll through it and had breakfast at the ocean overlook. Then we headed for the trail that would take us over the mountains again, and into Vernazza. When arriving we would have visited all five villages!

This hike was very different from yesterday as the sun was shining and the trail went though vineyards, olive plants and (I had no idea they even grew here) cactus areas which looked like we were in South America.

When we arrived in Vernazza we went to the harbour and finished our breakfast, and put on lots of sunscreen and rested a bit in the sun. The we strolled through the village, bought some nice olive oils, and then took the train back to Levanto.

On our way back to the camping, we stopped by the auto shop to ask if they could fix our broken leg on the caravan. Though said yes, so tomorrow we will stop there around nine and then we will leave this place behind for our next adventure.

When we got back to the camping it was, again, siesta time. Siesta is a beautiful thing, it's simply too warm during the middle of the day to do anything except to stay in the shade and relax. Which fits perfectly with this vacation!

When the fiesta was finito, we took a walk to the supermarket to get some basics for our travel day tomorrow and then went back to the camping to drop it of. Then Vanja made a sallad and I bought a take away Napoli pizza and we went down to the harbour and ate our dinner by the sea, watching the surfers and swimmers.

It once again feels quite sad to be leaving, I am really getting attached to each place we stop by. And I will really miss our cat here.


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