Europe roadtrip day 9 - 10th June

When I woke up I felt quite sad to be leaving lake Lugano. I don't think there will ever be a camping site quite like this one.

We took a short morning walk to a 1000 year old church and then headed back to the camping to have our "last meal" on the beach and then pack up the last things. 

And then we were on the road again.

We drove through Porlezza, stopping at their big supermarket to stock up on food, and to look at all the fun stuff in an Italian supermarket, resulting in one hour in the store... then we continued the journey. 

We drove to Menaggio and then followed lake como down to the town of como, then headed south on the highway past  Milano, all the way down to Levanto. This stop is the second of our must-does on this trip. There are five little coast villages that are said to ve divine, with lots of hiking possibilities and boat tours.

Arriving in Levanto, we headed to a camping the we had read about before. It seemed perfect. However, once there both of us got a bad stomach feeling about the place. There was no sun, everything was muddy and the grass was destroyed, and the staff really rude. So, we left and headed for another camping which turned out to be very nice and hence we took it. The camping is called Aquadolce and it located about 100 meters from the Levanto beach, meaning we are basically in town.

When we set up the caravan though, disaster struck as one of the supporting legs broke down, and we had to use the carjack to lift that corner of the caravan. We plan to find a motor shop tomorrow and hope they can fix it.

Then it was time for some relaxing. We made a friend, as a resident cat came and decided that we seemed like nice people (who might have food) and he/she spent the whole afternoon with us, sleeping with Vanja on the blanket. I did crosswords and ate candy, yum.

Evening fell and the warmth disappeared, and so we put on dresses and got on our bikes and went on a short exploration of the town. We went by the beach and some small street with wonderful shops and restaurants. Then we did something really cool - we rode the bikes all 6 kilometers through the old rail way tunnels, passing the other small villages and enjoying super nice coastal views, and then back again.

Very hungry, we sat down at a restaurant and ate pasta, I had seafood filled ravioli with seafood sauce and a glass of wine, and I enjoyed every bite of it. This was a very late time for us to have dinner, and we found ourselves in the middle of the Italian dining time, with all the restaurants filled with people.

Now I plan to go to sleep, hopefully a good one.


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