Europe roadtrip - miscellaneous

Favorite camping: Darna

Refilling the tank: 15 times

Favorite picture from the trip:

Most Beautiful lake: Lugano

Favorite meal of the trip: PIZZA NAPOLI

Best song: camping patrullen

Scariest thing: opening the door in the abandoned house, and the storm hike

Warmest moment: walk to La seize to meet Vanja

Coldest moment: Freizeitgelände evening

Favorite camping meal: final barbeque

Favorite persons met: the Germans

Portions gelato: minimum 10

Best ice cream: pistachio in Varenna

Most mysterious: the steering man on the boat

Weirdest: the free-spirit house on the hike towards Monterosso

Worst storm: Darna

Kilometers driven: 4171

Overtakings on the road: 7

Trips with trains: 8 (Monterosso - Levanto, Levanto - Rio maggiore, ria maggiore - Manarola, Manarola - levanto, Levanto - Corniglia, Vernazza - Levanto, pisa - Lucca t/r)

Trips with boat: 8 (Menaggio - Bellagio, Bellagio - Varenna, varenna - Menaggio, sightseeing with the Germans on Lugano, Trelleborg - Rostock, Rostock - Trelleborg, 2 trips on Bolmen).

Trips with bus: 4 (return trip Porlezza - Menaggio, return trip la Quercia - Gardaland)

Number of kinder eggs: 12-15

Best purchase: Mazzetti grappa

Amounts of TP questions asked: 1308

Number of campings stayed at: 9 (ställplats, Olympiasee, Bannwaldsee, Darna, aqua Dolce, Torre pendente, la Quercia , freizeitgelände, Kloster, wursterhause )

Nummer of tunafish salads eaten: too many to count...

Number of eggs eaten: too many to count...

Funniest thing that happened during the trip: Gardaland

Hardest thing that happened during the trip: one of the caravans legs breaking down

Most beautiful scenery of the trip: Levanto mountain storm, and Lugano view from the beach.

Favorite animal of the trip: The cat "kissen" that became our friend at the camping Acqua Dolce.

Favorite snack of the trip: Kinder and Maoam! And bolognese crisps.

Hardest workout on the trip: The start of the hike between Levanto and Monterosso. Or maybe the uphill bicycling in Porlezza, trying to reach a church in the mountain.

Best thing while in the road: The serpentine road in Switzerland, that was pure madness. And also the surprise of seeing Noeswainstein!

Funniest thing on the road: Zigzags between stuff in Bannwaldsee

Best nap: In my chair under my tree at camping Darna.

Thoughts about stuff:

I really really really have enjoying staying in a caravan and at campings!! This has been a totally new experience for me and I'm hooked. 
I even see myself going back to camping Darna to stay a few weeks.

I was a bit thorn when I left home as to whether I was gonna do any workout during the trip. On the one hand, I have the Tjejmilen race coming up, on the other hand, I really need to rest. I think has worked out rather brilliantly, at precisely the right level where I have kept my body awake and even worked some new muscles on the bike, which has replaced the gym so it wont be tough going back. And hence, I should be able to run as on Vårruset.


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