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Another goal closing in

Got an email from Mando this morning. It's time for my FINAL check up !!!!

This means that is 5 whole years, or 60 months by Mando calculations, since I was declared free from eating disorders. This also means that for the years since, I have successfully passed every single check up which has led me to this final one, the final exam if you will, which will declare me completely healthy again.
I am so proud of myself, heaven knows how hard I've worked for this, how much pain and hardship I've endured and come out in top of it all. Fuck, this calls for a celebration.

The new meaning of computer game co-op


1st christmas present - check!

Very true to tradition, I am way ahead of christmas and have already finished the first gift for my mom. 

Bro park with Cassie

Following up on our Täby Galopp tribute day, me and Cassie went to Bro park together with her friend Antonina, to eat some good food, watch the races and watch Cassie work for one of the trainers while we relaxed hehe.

Once again, I tried betting and as can be expected, I once again lost.

The Bro park track is simply amazing, such a lift compared to Täby. However, Täby is the place where I spent 50% of my time growing up, and that will always have a special place in my heart. And I try not to think about the fact that it will soon be gone forever.

Bob the builder

When I got back to work, this is how my office looked. No tables, no nothing. Why? Because its make-over time!
I have been playing Bob the builder and am in the process of turning our IT corner into an awesome space! I am painting, drilling, hammering.... everything. 
Before and after shots will be posted once I'm done. Excited!

My favorites

How can a Friday night be better than having 2 of my favorite people in the world near me? Boyfriend and BFF, you are amazing. 

German gifts

On my favorite camping Darna in Italy, me and Vanja met 3 lovely Germans who we liked very much. As a surpirse, I have just sent down a pair of oven mittens to one of them. She loves cooking and I asked her sister about her faorite color and flower before we left. Surprise!

New family members

I have been thinking about getting pet rats for quite some time, and a few weeks ago Sven simply took me to a pet store to "just look" at some cuties.
So what can possibly happen, but the purchasing of 2 baby girls and a ton of products for them. 3500 SEK ka-chiiing!

So Monday the 4th of July I suddenly had 2 new family members, Evita and Coco,

They have now been home for 3 weeks and they have grown extremly fast. Sven took the first picture the night we brought them home, and I can really see a difference!

I am very much in love with my babies, though it's taking a very long time to get the tame, which makes me afraid I'm doing something wrong, But they were only 4 weeks when I bought them so they are very young, and I will try to be patiend and not panic about being a bad mother.