New family members

I have been thinking about getting pet rats for quite some time, and a few weeks ago Sven simply took me to a pet store to "just look" at some cuties.
So what can possibly happen, but the purchasing of 2 baby girls and a ton of products for them. 3500 SEK ka-chiiing!

So Monday the 4th of July I suddenly had 2 new family members, Evita and Coco,

They have now been home for 3 weeks and they have grown extremly fast. Sven took the first picture the night we brought them home, and I can really see a difference!

I am very much in love with my babies, though it's taking a very long time to get the tame, which makes me afraid I'm doing something wrong, But they were only 4 weeks when I bought them so they are very young, and I will try to be patiend and not panic about being a bad mother.


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