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Full day @ Gröna Lund

7 hours of all my childhood memories. And apparently cooking a kid in a cauldron.

Picknick in the park

The next step of me playing tourist in my own home town, today I got to explore Äppellunden at Djurgården.

Afternoon tea with Anna

Wienercaféet delivered as usual.

Otto knows @ Gröna Lund

A completely unexpected evening at Gröna Lund, where a guy named Otto knows (which I'd never heard of before) was playing. However, I knew a few of the songs from the gym and soon I was bouncing up and down with the rest of the audience. 

Öland roadtrip

A well-deserved mini-holiday! we rented a car and drove down to Öland on the 12th of August.

All tourist sports were visited (I think we did like 100 stops). Incluuuding..... :
Many old mills. 

Many old stones

Långe jan

And I made some new friends. 

The last day was spent in kalmar, where the highlight was the castle (known to me very nostalgically from Sommarlovsmorgon when I was like.. 8) where I got to hit a dragon in the head with a lance, and roam free in the whole castle. 

Helping out the veteran tractor club

Good deed of the day was helping my mom selling lottery tickets for the veteran tractor club. 9 hours of full speed ahead, and about 500 tickets sold!