Budapest day 2

Sightseeings and adventures!

The day started with breakfast at a small eco café which had the most horrible crackers I've ever tasted. Then we took a trip around the river, stopping at an ice cream bar which was from heaven, before we made our way across a bridge from Pest to Buda.


On the other side awaited the first surprise for the guys; Gellert spa! A thermal spa with several thermal pools and one adventure pool with a wave machine - yey!

After our bath we headed to the second surprise; a room escape! Especially special as Budapest is where these games originates from. Too bad that this room ("Surgery") was the first room ever where I didnt make it out in time. We got stuck on the last puzzle with 10 minutes to go... haha.

We ended the night with dinner and fika at a chocolate bar, Noir. Yum!


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