I don't know how to write this, as I cannot describe what I feel. It's a mishmash of pride, relieve, happiness, euphoria, disbelief....

I have just passed my five year check up at Mando. I am declared healthy and permitted from the clinic. 9 years I've worked for this, every waking moment of every day.

11th of September 2007 I first came through the door of Mando. I had finally hit bottom and realized I needed help, sent in an application and was called straight in to an evaluation.
I was so afraid that they would say "why are you wanting our time, you're not sick, move over so someone who needs help can get help". 1 week later I was admitted to the clinic full time. Apparently I was sick enough to go the emergence route into treatment, passed several thousands of persons who wanted and needed a spot, who had waited years for it. Apparently, I was very, very sick.

Now it's almost 9 years to the day. I am walking out the doors of the place that saved my life.

How on earth can I ever tell them, and myself, thank you?


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