2016, I salute you!

And thus yet another year has passed. 

This year in particular seems very strange and uncoherent time-wise for me. I simply cannot recall much of the year, and parts of it has passed in slow motion and other parts in fast forward. I am left with a feeling where I cant really place anything on a timeline or a feeling of 'this was 2016'.

Hopefully this salutation will help me gather my thoughts. Written, with the extreme help from my calendar and photo albums.  

January was spent in a stage of 'everyday life'. I was working, spending time with Viktor in my spare time and doing the Java course in the evenings.

The same pace went on through February. This might seem like a dull pace of life, but me re-doing my old java-course required so much time from me after my day at the office, that there was little time left for anything else. 

In March the pace really picked up. The old java course was finsihed by me, and the real new course began at full speed, taking approx 4 hours of my time every day when I came home from a full day at the office. 
Despite this, I went on a weekend trip to Rome with Viktor and to the Gothenburg Horse Show to see the world cup final in show jumping and spend some time with the one and only Syster.

Basically all my time in April was spent panicking from exhaustion and trying to cope with the pressure at work and the java course. 
The little spare time I had, I spent at the doctors office doing an investigation as to why I had chest pains, panic attacs, memory loss and narcolepsy-like collapses at my desk. At the end of the month, I was sent home on sick leave due to being burnt out. 

I have no memory of May.
I can tell from my calendar and from asking friends that I have been completely collapsed the whole month, my brain trying to recover. 

Almost all of June was spent on a roadtrip with Vanja. This trip was an important step in my rehabilitation as I got a change of scenery, plenty of rest in a chair on the beach (slept around 5 hours in the chair every day) and some sun and air. 

July held 2 major changes to my life. on the 4th of July, Sven took me to the petstory to help me take the step of finally getting my two rats. And the day after, on the 5th, I had my first date with Dave. I dont know what to say here, other than these things were true blessings and gave me a family again. Words aren't enough for these few sentenses to cover what this meant to me. Let's just say it gave me my life back, and I am forever grateful. 

I started working again slowly in August. Spending blissful time with Dave and the girls in my free time. We went on a weekend trip to Öland.

September held a birthday trip to Budapest together with Marre, Dave and Rhys. I was now 29 and my last year before 30 had begun [play doom music here]. I started working full time again, and found myself at a red hot chili peppers concert. 

In October Dave moved in, and we became even more of a family. The most important thing I did outside that was being a guest at a family-night at Mando, talking to the families of current patients and giving them hope for the future. 

November passed in an everyday pace, that is, until the miracle of Annas baby came to the world and stole all our hearts. 

The Christmas trip in December went to Tromsö, where me and Dave got to see the norhern lights. I had my best Christmas in many years as me and Dave went to my moms place and spent the day with her.


Good points this year:
Meeting Dave.
Getting the girls.
Being on sickleave so I could find a healthier way of coping with work.

Bad points this year:
Working so hard at work and privately that I had to go on sickleave.
Not remembering much of the year due the brain exhaustion.

= a year I am very confused about. 


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