Tromsø day 1 - 18th December

Waking up at 5, which is an ungodly hour even for me.
But; two persons on a mission such as ours, have no time to complain about early mornings!

Most of the day were spent travelling, we had a direct flight from Stockholm to Tromsö, and arrived at the hotel around 15.

At this time, it was already pitch black. We had been joking before hand that we would only have daylight between 10 and 14, but we had no idea how wrong we were. The term daylight wouldn't be spoken at all during our trip.

We ate at Egon, a really cozy and homely place that we really liked. I ate the fish soup, as I always do when it's on the menu.

Then we took a shorter walk exploring the city, which was very small but nice. We spent 1,5 hours in the tourist office which seemed to have 100% of the town's tourists crammed into it. At least we came out with a trip booked for the next night - a night tour to hunt for the northern lights.

Then we had to take a nap as we are not 18 anymore, before we ended the day with a walk to end of Tromsö, which we severely underestimated the distance of, and ended up walking for 2,5 hours.


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