Tromsø day 2 - 19th December

Eagerly awaiting the evenings northern lights chase, we spent the day exploring the town. 

We visited the Tromsö museum where we learned about the history of the Tromsö region and Amundsens northern pole expedition.

Then we walked across the bridge to the other side of Tromsö to see the Arctic cathedral. The walk across the long bridge was a bit scary for both of us as the wind was so strong that the while bridge was shaking beneath our feet and we had trouble walking straight from the side winds. 

We then sat down for a late lunch/early dinner to load our stomachs before the trip of the evening.

At 18, we were loaded onto the busses heading for the elusive northern lights. We were unlucky as rain was pouring down and the sky was cloudy, and the busses took us all the way to the Finnish border in search for clear skies. We managed to see a slight stream of light, but not what we were hoping for, so while I was grateful that we had at least managed to see something, it was not what we wanted.


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