Tromsø day 4 - 21st December

What an amazing day!

We spent the day on the "blue day tour" which took us on a roundtrip to many beautiful places, including one spot where we got to see 8 orcas and 2 humpback whales.

On our way back, everyone was talking about how perfect the conditions were for spotting northern lights the coming night. After some contemplating we took a leap of faith - we asked our guide if he could fit us into their northern lights tour. 

The evening, we waited nervously outside a hotel, not knowing if we had a spot on a tour or not. Unfortunately the tour we wanted turned out to be packed, but the very nice man called around until he found two spots in a small car going out at the same time.

And dear Lord were we lucky... We got to see amazing northern lights even before midnight, in a G4 solar storm. This was northern lights as we'd dreamt of. 


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